Fire TV Remote Control

Hi All,

I’m trying to build my first app for Android in Ionic, i’m part way there with what I want to achieve and thought I may as well test on the only other “Droid” device I have which is an amazon fire tv, I managed to get the APK installed and all seemed good but then realised that I can’t navigate the app using the Amazon Fire TV remote control?

My question is is this normal behaviour or is there some package that I’m missing to be able to do this?

I’ve searched the forums here but can’t seem to find anything relating to running on Amazon Fire OS at all,

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated,


No idea how to solve your problem but from my own experience as a Fire TV (Stick) user: Many apps don’t work very well (or at all) with the Fire TV remote control. Shame :frowning:

Yeah I’ve found that too to be honest,

I’m aware of things like MouseToggle to get around the problem but i’m also finding it hard to believe that there isn’t some kind of tabindex or similar included in Ionic too, after all, android/ios are not restricted to only touch screen devices?

Have you looked at much of Amazon’s HTML5/Cordova documentation? (They have a surprising amount)

These two articles may be particularly noteworthy:

I’m not sure if it’s entirely necessary to use the Amazon WebView wrapper, but the first article should hopefully help.

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