Can Ionic use Amazon's WebVIew?


I have an application that I want to package as an apk and sideload on my Fire TV. It was developed as a WebApp using the Amazon WebView and works great fine on the FIre TV when served from my local machine. After struggling with outdated docs and tools from Amazon, cordova and crosswalk nothing is working for me. Some more Googling led me to Ionic, which I am hoping can help in my situation.

I am a total beginner in Android apps, but I think the reason I want to use Amazon’s WebView is so that I do not have to make any changes to my existing working app–for example for the remote controls to work. I could be wrong though?

Is it possible to achieve this? And if so how? Also, any other tips would be appreciated if I am going in the wrong direction here.


Ionic just uses Cordova in the background to build native apps. Ionic Framework is “just” responsible for the frontend part of the app. So if you had problems with Cordova, you will have the same problems with Ionic and Cordova.


Got it, thanks! It worked out at the end when I downgraded everything to match the documentation. I had trouble finding the old Android sdk tools, where the ‘android’ command was not deprecated (25.2.5) but now I found some links. Cordova 5.4.0 works with the Android WebView.

For anyone that might have a similar problem, here you can get the older tools –


Yeah, Android changing their CLI tools very much messed with lots of people :confused: