Finger touch scanner mantra mfs100

hello everyone,

i have to connect the finger touch scanner device to my application device name is mantra mfs100 so can anyone help me out…

Not really.

Can you provide a link for that “finger touch scanner mantra mfs100”?
How does it connect to a smartphone? Is there an SDK? Cordova plugin?

there is no cordova plugin … but there is sdk for native android . mantra finger touch device is a usb device which would be connected with help of otg cable in the mobile device

Then you will probably have to develop a Cordova plugin that uses this SDK in the background.

Thank you, bt can you pls share link or something that would guide me to create plugin… And have you ever used the aadhaar api in ionic

I have no idea what “aadhaar” is.

Google “Cordova plugin” and read what you find. You might want to look for plugins that do similar things, maybe for other Finger scanner or external barcode scanners that add a SDK to a Cordova plugin.

Just download the plugin with ionic cordova plugin add …

look at the code you will see different functions you may call

  1. init
  2. startSyncCapture
  3. Match, etc

try to call these function in ionic using window.cordova.plugin… something like this. Research about this, how to call cordova plugin if you dont have angular declarations present.