Employee Attendance and departure app

i’m tray to use Fingerprint AIO plugin
to build app like finger print scanner but the problem i found plugin authenticate only the one finger print stored on fingerprint sensor on device
any way to use same device to scan multiple user fingerprint ?

I don’t think this is possible at all on Android or iOS. The finger print reader only works with the system level finger prints saved onto some internal storage, I don’t think there is an open API for that.

You might be able to buy an external finger print reader and use that.

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thanks for replay ,
but your replay lead my to ask can i connect external finger print reader and use that and use that with ionic 3 app ?
if yes how to do that ?

Yes, you need to integrate the external finger print scanner. Normally some of them provides you SDK to integrate with android.

Scan Finger print and send data to server for verification