Ng-swipe-right breaks side menu dragging

I’ve got a side menu on the right of my pages and I’ve enabled menu dragging with drag-content="true" on the ion-side-menu-content element. On the first home page of the app this works fine as expected.

On subsequent pages I want to be able to swipe right on the page to go back to the previous page, so I put in ng-swipe-right on a div on the page. This works and catches the swipe gesture and calls a controller function to go back to the previous page. But this now breaks dragging the menu content in by dragging left on the view. Remove the ng-swipe-right attribute and the menu dragging works again.

How can I configure the view so the right side menu can be dragged left, as well as having ng-swipe-right working to go back? These two operations shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

many thanks