FCM Not Available in Ionic Cloud Dashboard Only GCM

Following the docs to setup push notifications indicates how to setup FCM, but the only available service in the dashboard security profile for android is GCM. I’m using v1.3.1, and the docs are for v1.x not v2.x so I’m not sure, but was this a mistake to have the v1.x docs updated indicating the use of FCM with Ionic Cloud?

I have the same question. Have you come up with any solution yet?

I tried to go with GCM, but am having issues there too getting an GCM_AUTH_ERROR every time I try to send a notification. So I’ve been blocked for two days now.

I have exactly the same problem, when will this be sorted please?

Yah ignore that you are reading GCM in the dasboard, and make an FCM project. Insert the FCM Server Key into the GCM API key input field and it will work if you have the rest set up properly. I found this solution here and posted an issue here with Ionic Cloud, and I had also added it to stackoverflow and answered it to catch anyone else that doesn’t find it in the forum, or on github.