Fastclick on Ionnic2 higher than Beta 9

I run

npm install fastclick --save

typings install dt~fastclick --global --save 

at my project and run this code at the app.ts

import {FastClick} from 'fastclick';

export class AppComponent {

    app: App,
    platform: Platform, private menu: MenuController, translate: TranslateService,
              fbProvider: FbProvider, userData: UserData, events: Events) {


But I do not see any performance improvement. I am missing something?

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You do not need fastclick with ionic. In fact, you should not be using it as it overrides internal logic with handling tap/touch/click events.

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Thanks mhartington!

I tried to install it because in my Android 4.4 my App behaves slow.

Same problem here and android 4.4.x its used by 25% of my users!

There’s more to debugging performance issues than just assuming fastclick will solve everything.
Debug on actual devices, make sure you’re not doing any dom manipulations, optimize code that you are executing.