Fastclick conflicting with ng-click

After reading other topics, and looking through the documentation. Does Ionic have it’s own implementation for the fastclick polyfill? In a previous project, I used fastclick.js, and it worked great. I’ve noticed that Ionic doesn’t seem to be as snappy by default so I tried to bring in fastclick.js again. It helps, but some ng-click events are not firing.

One example is in the $ionicModal when fastclick.js is in use, the cancel button doesn’t fire it just locks up and I can’t close it (unless I hold my finger on it long enough). Without fastclick.js, it is working fine but I’m getting the click delay…

Right now we have our own fastclick implementation, correct. We plan on moving to fastclick but there were a few issues we need to fix in the mean time. Thanks!

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it doesn’t work by default @adam, fastclick or something is needed