Facebook plugin not work in prod version

Hi all,
I have released an app with facebook login in Google Play store. All information also set in “app facebook developer page”. But if I run the app (downloaded from store), init facebook login, it do not work. No error is presented. It only shows fb loading circle for a while, but after dismissing, no action. :-/

If I install the same version of app, which is in store, by downloading from link in chrome, then the fb login works perfectly. Also if I use dev version.

My question is - why facebook login do not work on app downloaded from store? There is the same version I am using for install the app from link, where everything works.

Thanks for ideas.

Look it up

@Putintsev Thanks man, but - I downloaded the apk, found SHA1 -> convert to base64 key hash. This is the same key hash I have already added in facebook settings.

So Some other ideas?

For Debug(before release) app SHA1 key is different, and after release build SHA1 key need to be different… I had issue like “SHA1 key is used by another app” , so I generated new SHA1 key and its solved my problem

Yes, I had this issue at the beginning too. Generating new key helped. But that is not my problem. I have different keys for debug version and for release version. Both are in facebook settings.

Also if I install release build (the same as from store) from link, the facebook login works perfectly. Only if app is download from store, it do not work. And key hashes are still the same. I checked it by this thread

So I solve this problem. It was bad key hash. :-/

But to find the right key hash I had to:

  1. prepare alert for FB login response error
  2. Upload edit app for internal testing in google play
  3. install test version of app on device
  4. run fb login -> error alert shows
  5. use showed key hash in app settings on facebook

So I hope that this can help others with the same problem.