Build Project on another PC

Hallo there!

I am totally confused with this one:
My developer sent me the root folder of the project and opening the output apk it is working fine.

But when i try to build again the project some parts of the app are not working

How is it explained and can be fixed?

Thank you

@gnasis show your error log

Hallo @dotman

thank you for your response

Specifically I have two plugins that are not working after the rebuild

  1. Facebook plugin for login
  2. Google maps

I don`t know how to inform you about the errors since i see the apk in the device

The rebuild is successful but in action on device they are not working as previously

Open the app on your device then connect the device to you PC with usb cable, Then open chrome to inspect it. Type this chrome://inspect in your address bar to observe the behaviour. I hope this helps


Indeed reallly helpfule!
The first error about facebook login is this one

“Facebook error: Invalid key hash. The key hash 4gqD9ACpudBeHVg14MELGWq34u0= does not match any stored key hashes. Configure your app key hashes at

But I cannot understand, they are the right values which before rebuild it was working!


and also about google maps i have this warning

util.js:210 Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys

The key values do not match check the link to your developer console and fix in the right key values


Thank you, can you guid me a little?
You mean in the files or the facebook account developer and google?

copy debug.keystore file present in \users\ folder of the PC where your application is running correctly and replace it on the another machine Should definitely solve your problem

Hi @baviskarmitesh

thank you for your response!Ok i will try it!
There is already a in root folder named “appnamecert.keystore”

Should i replace it also?

Thank you very much