Facebook Login (Browser) Issues


I am having some issues with Facebook login when user don’t have official Facebook application installed (in that case login in browser shows up).

After login I am trying to store access token into database and I am getting next error:

EXCEPTION: Error: Uncaught (in promise): SecurityError: Failed to execute 'openDatabase' on 'Window': Access to the WebDatabase API is denied in this context.

According to this Stackoverflow comment http://stackoverflow.com/a/30572077/3130183 Facebook plugin is changing window object in this case and it is not possible anymore to access database.

Is there any simple solution for this? I think proposed solution on this Stackoverflow question is overkill and I don’t will that affect login in case that user have Facebook application. Please note that this works fine when user have Facebook application installed.

Thanks for any tips

Are you using ionic-native's Facebook plugin?

Detailed instructions are there :wink:

Yes, I am using Facebook plugin from ionic-native. It is working if user have Facebook application installed by it is not working as expected if user don’t have Facebook application installed.