Ionic 3 - Android app crashed if I add inappbrowser plugin

I want to open external url in device default browser. Like for android it should get open in chrome and for ios it should open in safari.

Initially when I tried,"_system") it was working fine with android. When I tried in ios, it wasn’t working.

After some research, I came to know that due to popup block nature of safari, it wasn’t opening. Then I disabled the pop-up block setting. Still issue was there. Later I came to know that I need to install InAppBrowser plugin to make it workable.

Hence I followed below steps

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser

npm install --save @ionic-native/in-app-browser

Added provider in app.module.ts file

After installation of plugin, app started crashing on android device. (Not checked on ios).

I don’t know the reason. If I remove the plugin, application is working but now I am not able to open url in android also.

Can anyone please tell me how to open external url in android and ios?


1. ionic - v3

2. Angular - v6

3. cordova - v8

For android Pls use you wanna open).
This will open the url in device default browser.

For iOS install inapp browser plugin and then use,’_system’),it will work.

try to remove platform android and add again.