Expose-aside-when doesnt work prperly with side property

see the codepen above, a fork from the genuine ionic example where I added a right menu with expose-aside-when and removed expose aside-when from the left menu.

2 problem appears

  • When you enlarge the window, the left menu appears instead of the right one.
  • The right menu is not accessible anymore (by sliding the main area on the left)


This appears to be a problem with the nightly build. Changing it to beta 14 fixes the problem.

Hi Brandy,

Unfortunately no, on the codepen provided, the behaviour is not correct with beta 14 (changed for both css and js)

On a large window, You may also notice that the initial display is correct (display right menu instead of left), and is back to the incorrect behaviour after you change the size of the window.

Oh I see. It tricked me!

Seems like it may be related to this