Right side menu not showing when expose-aside-when=large


Hi I created a new project and added right side menu.

menu-toggle=“right” is not working when expose-aside-when=“large” is added in ion-side-menus


is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.


It looks like there is a bug in the expose-aside-when directive, it doesn’t seem to keep in mind that right menu could exist like this… Well, someone should fix this and create a pull request.

You could either fix it and share the pull request, or create a custom implementation for your needs… Or wait for someone to fix it :wink:



Thank you for your reply. i guess i just have to customize it. for now i just changed

if(isAsideExposed || !self.right.isEnabled) return;


if(!self.right.isEnabled) return;

in self.toggleRight = function(shouldOpen) {

is it really unusual to make my side menu like this?


No, not unusual at all! What you want is expected and desired behaviour as far as I can see. I actually have a similair situation in my current project, but I created this before the expose-aside-when directive was released, and will keep the custom code because of some very app specific features. (e.g. I’m always showing list-icons in the sidebar, so my sidebar never closes completely but always to 51 pixels)

Your solution sounds fine for what you want to achieve, creating a bug report on the ionic github might help the dev team to not overlook this issue. I guess the sidemenu in the way you want to achieve is not a standard test case…