Error TS6054 Build: File 'cordova_plugins.js' has unsupported extension. The only supported extensions are '.ts', '.tsx', '.d.ts'

Hi, Got this error on while building

ionic build windows

I have installed the windows platform for my ionic project as well as I have all the required SDKs with Visual Studio 2015(Community Edition).

I have:
Ionic version: 1.7.7
Cordova CLI version: 5.3.3
VS 2015 (Community Edition)
Windows 8.1 Pro(x64)


Error TS6053 Build: File ‘project path/platforms/windows/www/js/.git/logs/HEAD.ts’ not found.
Got this type of multiple errors for multiple files too


I have the same issue here.

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Me too, I have the same error


I am facing the same problem, has anyones solved it?

There are another two threads speaking about this problem:

Has anyone found a solution?

Yes, I am facing same issue. Please somebody help.

Same problem here:

  • Ionic 1.7.8
  • Cordova 5.4.0
  • Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Edition
  • Windows 8.1 pro (x64)

Problem still exists

Yes, haven’t found a solution

If you look in the CordovaApp.Windows.jsproj file that is generated, the last two lines near the bottom reference typescript. If you comment those out, these bulid errors go away. I don’t know how to modify the templating process so the file is created without these lines but if you then load the project in Visual Studio it builds.

However, doing so just yields me an app that shows the splash screen and does nothing else.

Was anyone able to solve this?

Resolved by adding Exclude directive in CordovaApp.projitems file:
replace this line
<TypeScriptCompile Include="$(MSBuildThisFileDirectory)www\**" />
with this
<Content Include="www\**" Exclude="**\*.ts"/>

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