ERROR ITMS-90032 “Invalid image path”

There is a similar topic (ERROR ITMS-90032 "Invalid image path") but for me, I thing the diference is Visual Studio 2015

I´m generate the .ipa from Visual Studio, using may mac on local network as host and I´m getting this message:

ERROR ITMS-90032: "Invalid image path
No image found at the path referenced under CFBundleIconFile: ‘icon.png’

I tried to do this: (@justinhillsjohnson)

1 - Open the CodeovaLib.xcodeproj on my Xcode
2- Xcode project > Build Phases > Copy Bundle Resources (this option not exist, I need do add) > + (add) > Add Other…
3 - Navigate to [project] > Images.xcassets (this xcassets not exist)

So, I really don’t know what to do!

Anybody, help!