ERROR ITMS-90032 "Invalid image path"

Hi all,

It’s my first time playing with Ionic and deploy an app to Apple Store, and unfortunately I’m having some hard times trying to upload it to the Apple Store. Can anyone help me?

I’ve finished my MVP and builded it following the steps on ionic guides. Then, I opened the xcode project file and tried to run it with emulator as well as my on device (iphone 6).

Beautiful, so far everything has worked and I can see my app icon on my device and can play with it.

Before upload, I did validate the app, clicking on “validate” button, after open the Archive window. No problem so far. I got the success message and then I did click on the “Upload to Apple Store …” button.

There is were the problem lies!

After a while, I got an error message telling that there is a problem with an image path.

ERROR ITMS-90032: "Invalid image path
No image found at the path referenced under CFBundleIconFile: ‘icon.png’

I tried many searches on Google and after hours, could find nothing that solves my problem.

I checked at the /config.xml file, but all images referenced there, can be found on given paths, including the ‘icon.png’. So, I was not able to realize what’s going on until now.

Can anyone help me with that?

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I ran into this today, as well. A quick fix for this is to:

  1. go into the Xcode project > Build Phases > Copy Bundle Resources > + (add) > Add Other…
  2. Navigate to [project] > Images.xcassets
  3. Shift + Click to select all .png files
  4. Click Open

Then try creating an Archive and uploading to the App Store. This was the only thing that worked for me.


Same issue here. Workaround from justinhillsjohnson worked for me!

Thanks, your work around helps a lot …

Hi Justin!

Thank you for your reply and advice.

It doesn’t work for me! When I tried the steps you mentioned, after selecting all png files and open it, I faced a new window asking me “what to do” with that images. Options were:

(Checkbox) Copy files if necessary
(Radio) Create groups
(Radio) Create paths (or something close)

I’ve tried both combinations, but still receiving the error message when trying upload my archive!

What I may have missed/ mistook?

Thanks, this worked for me… I would like to know why though. Seems like a lot of hacking is needed to get iOS deployed.
Can the guys from Ionic update the projects created for Xcode so that all this is in place?

Hmm, I’m not sure why it’s not working for you. I used these settings:

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Hey Justin!

Thank you for your support and patience!

I got it submitted after a while and a deep mitigating!

Basically, I removed the whole folder platform/ios and ran again the commands ionic platform ios and ionic resources and ionic build ios. Somehow, after that when I tried to validate and upload the app to apple store, it has worked like a charm! :slight_smile:

Glad to get all advices from you and other guys.


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This works for me to, strange…

This worked for me. While a little messy, it got the job done. Thanks.


This problem has happen to me. Your solution has fixed the problem.
I have only one thing to add. You need add only the file “icon.png”. All the others are not needed.

Thanks for your answer.



The config.xml actually generate the Your-AppName.plist

To remove the following error, leave empty the line “Icon file” in Your-AppName.plist:

ERROR ITMS-90032: "Invalid image path
No image found at the path referenced under CFBundleIconFile: ‘icon.png’

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You solutions definitely worked for me. I been trying to figure it out for the past two days and see what was I doing wrong. I did tray the suggestions above and had no luck. So just want to say THANK YOU.

This is probably something the IONIC team will have to look into, as every time you create your platform and ‘build’ the app you are going to have to make the update the ‘.plist’ file.


@rogeriotaques what version of cordova and cordova-ios are you using?

you can use $ ionic info to see the cordova version or:

$ npm ls -g cordova
$ npm ls -g cordova-ios

I had accidentally upgraded to cordova version 6.0.0 and cordova-ios to 4.0.1. These introduce changes which I believe cause the errors.

I downgraded to cordova to 5.4.1 and cordova-ios to 3.9.2 and the errors went away. to try this:

$ npm i -g cordova@5.4.1
$ npm i -g cordova-ios@3.9.2

let me know if that helps


Hello @sakotturi!

Thank you for your message.

I’m running cordova@6.0.0 and got an error when ran the npm ls -g cordova-ios.
But, anyway, the solution given by @justinhillsjohnson has helped me and fixed that bug.

I’m not having time lately due to another really busy project, but as soon as I can, I’m get back to that one using Ionic and I’m gonna check if downgrading the cordova version and installing properly the cordova-ios would help!

Thanks for your advice anyway!


People who are stuck with this might try this SO thread:


you have to go to the info tab in xcode and remove things: (this solved it for me, I think)

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You need to remove the icon file reference in the .plist file

In xcode go to the project navigator -> Resources -> {projectname}-info.plist Select Icon file and press - to remove it.


Dear, You need to remove the icon file reference in the .plist file

In xcode go to the project navigator -> Resources -> {projectname}-info.plist Select Icon file and press - to remove it.


@calevano, thanks for your advice.
I’ll try it next time.