Error: Ionic cordova platform add "windows@"

I am using CLI and I installed my ionic cordova and angular package but I cannot add the windows platform.


I have:
Windows 10 OS
Windows 10 SDK

How can I solve it to covert the project to Windows platform? urgent help

What is the behind windows? Why not just windows?
Try running the command with --verbose added at the end.
Try running the command without ionicin front - maybe it can’t handle the ".

I followed the video below:

I got this error


It get other error as below


Yeah, I would think again if using this special version there is really worth the hassle - just adding windows gets you cordova-windows from Cordova directly that thousands of devs are using.

If I add only windows I cannot build and I will get the error below:


‘Ionic info’ output please - looks strange. Maybe wrong version downloaded?

This is the info


This cannot be correct. You added the windows platform before, not it is nowhere to be seens.

Output of ionic cordova platform please.

I added windows normally using ionic cordova platform add windows

Below is the information regarding platform


And now ionic info again?

Now run cordova requirements and try to build with ionic cordova build windows.