How to Build Windows mobile app using IONIC using command prompt


Hello All,

Anyone know how to build windows mobile application on Windows 10 using command prompt,

Please suggest me solution link or any video to build ionic app for windows mobile using command prompt in WINDOWS 10 OS


ionic build windows after you added windows as a Cordova platform.


Thank for the updates, but how to add windows as a Cordova platform and how to run app on real windows device.

i have already added all platform, but how to directly build or run app on device.


Exactly the same as for all other platforms: ionic cordova run windows. See the parameters of ionic cordova run to find out how to target specific devices etc via ionic help cordova run.


for build windows app to any sdk required ?, if yes then please send me link or solution for the same. Thank you.


What? That sentence doesn’t make any sense.

Run cordova requirements to find out what is needed for Windows development with Cordova.