Error installing Ionic and Cordova

Hi, i’m getting the following error trying to install ionic

I was using ionic normally in June, now i’ve come back and tryed to create a new project and wasn’t able. So i updated node, npm and when i try to update cordova and ionic they give the same errors with minimatch and lodash.
I’ve updated lodash and minimatch, cleared the cache and done this in admin mode, but nothing seems to help. What should i do?

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I’m getting the same error. Even updating lodash and minimatch the error persists.

Hey @GabrielBarreto please check your node version, you may have an unsupported version. I tried with node v6.1.0 and it worked.
If you have nvm, you can list installed node versions nvm ls or remote versions nvm ls-remote. After that just run nvm use v6.1.0 (vYourVersion) and try again to install/update ionic. Additionally run nvm alias default v6.1.0 (vYourVersion) to set new node version as default.

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