Error: EIO: i/o error, read in ionic build

Please help me guys … its urgent to build my app…

my app not build or run on android phone it show Error: EIO: i/o error, read

Did you run the cordova command directly like the error message said?

Also post your ionic info output please.


Great, you answered 1 of 2 questions. Way to go!

Run the same cordova command again with --debug added at the end.


same error… please help!!

No idea, something with Node in the background probably.

You could uninstall your node, install nvm-windows, install a new node via that, then reinstall cordova and ionic globally in there. Then it will probably work.

okay sir… i am unstall node from control panel->programs and feature and again install it in C:\Program Files\nodejs
and after that open Node.js command prompt and type npm install -g ionic cordova …

but still facing same problem

please help me!!


Not this way. You go to and download the setup there, install that, then use this (docs are at to install node.

Thankk u sir…
Error: EIO solved now … :grinning:

but when i will run ionic cordova build android it show me this error now? please help me…Capture

Please stop posting images of text. It’s hard to read, impossible to search, can’t be copy/pasted, can’t be read by screen readers, becomes unviewable over time. It’s selfish and rude.

Open a new topic for this please. Also inlcude your ionic info and cordova requirements output.

Okay … Thanks alot for your help!!!

Now my Problem solved !

nice meeting you sir…