Error net.js:704

Hello guys, I’m new to ionic, had been doing well in last week using the platform and created some projects, but now am running to this kind of error when I try starting a new project. What could be the issue? Thanks in advance.

Run the same command with --verbose added at the end please.

What is your ionic info output?

This is what I get

See my second question as well please.

When I try to run the same “ionic info” on node.js, it gives a similar output to the one attached

Does this make sense?

Then something is broken with your ionic installation in general.

One solution: Uninstall your node, install nvm (or nvm-windows if you are on Windows), install a new node (which includes npm) with this, then install ionic and cordova again and try your command again. The problem should be gone.

That one failed too, with the same type of error as attached above.

What exactly?

Please show all steps from installing a new node version via nvm until you get the error for a newly created Ionic project.