Error: Command failed: platform-tools/adb -s DEVICEID shell getprop

I’m using Ionic 4 and Cordova 9 and I would like to run the app on my device.
I got an error when using the run command:


ionic cordova run android --device

Error (DEVICEID - My Device ID)

Error: Command failed: P:\Simplifiedpath\platform-tools/adb -s DEVICEID shell getprop

When using –verbose, I get those details:

ionic:lib:shell Error in subprocess stdout pipe: Error [ERR_STREAM_WRITE_AFTER_END]: write after end at writeAfterEnd (_stream_writable.js:248:12) at Object.Writable.write (_stream_writable.js:296:5) at Readable.write (C:\Simplifiedpath\npm\node_modules\ionic\node_modules\stream-combiner2\node_modules\readable-stream\lib\_stream_readable.js:85

What’s the point about this error ?

same error, on any device and emulator, installing apk manually works fine

i post the solution here

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