Unable to run in real device

Unable to run “ionic run android”…Showing the following error!..

Android SDks are updated…Ant installed… Environment variables are created…
but both “ionic run android” is not working in real device…and “ionic emulate android” creates the emulator but nothing happens…

Thanks in advance…

Have you had sucess with cordova run android?

No…Build was successful…but got errors…“command failed with exit code 8” followed by below error image

I am using a spice mi-535 mobile with Android 4.2.1

Whats your os? Version of node? version of cordova installed?

OS: Windows 7
Node npm: 1.3.8

Interesting, seems that this is common issue, but no one is really sure what resolves it!

Try some of these suggestions and if it doesn’t resolve your issue, I’d suggest making an issue with cordova, seems to be on their end. Our ionic... commands are built on top of their. So if something is wrong, it’s on them really