Error after update Node 4 (Windows)

I’ve just updated Node to 4.1.1 version, but i get this error:

Error: libsass bindings not found. Try reinstalling node-sass?

I’ve tried many solution, i’ve also removed node_modules and reinstalled them. Nothing.

Any idea?

Yea, it’s a known error, there is no fix yet? (i think) only going back to an older version of node, that works

most of the answer says this, but it’s really a pity, i hope Ionic developers will fix it very soon because i need the latest versione of Node

For now i’ve solved by following this steps:

But Visual Studio will expire within 30 days, and if you don’t want to see again that error you have to use an external CSS compiler like Koala if you want to use SCSS, or you if you launch ionic setup sassyou’ get again the error.

This is really annoying, if somebody has a better solution let’s talk together.

It’s not an Ionic issue.

Have a look at a workaround here:

already tried, still have the same issue

I fixed it by changing the version for “gulp-sass” in the package.json to ^2.0.4.
Then run

$ npm install gulp-sass

This should now update your local gulp-sass to a newer version that is supporting node 4.x