Error 500 on attempt to see a list of uploaded apps

After having uploaded the very first “myApp” from scratch I wanted to upload an app, which has German Umlaute in name. The upload failed. Then I renamed the app to “HoerspielGuide”. The upload succeeded, but in IonicView I’m catching “There was an error. Status code: 500” while refreshing the MY APPS view.


BTW: App ID is 42037c43

hmm, try deleting the app from your the view dashboard and then uploading it again.
It could be a caching issue on our end

The reason was the app, which I uploaded earlier and had German Umlaute in the name. . Although the upload did fail, it was still present on your servers and seemed to have caused the troubles. I removed this one and fine now.

BTW: The question behind: Is it allowed to use characters different from English alphabet in app names? I think it should be possible in an UTF-8 world :smile:

Would you mind posting an issue here



Forgot to mention: It wasn’t a caching issue. I de-installed ionic view, I rebooted the phone - only the remove operation did help