Error 500 when submitting a showcase

Hello, I’m trying to send my App through the ‘showcase’ form and it’s constantly giving me a ‘Server Error (500)’ error.

I am sending 3 images of the app (0.99Mb, 399Kb and 359Kb respectively), the icon of the App, 224Kb, links to the Play Store and App Store, a descriptive text of 5,106 characters. I have tried not to send an image, to reduce the text of the description, but still it still gives me the same error.

Is it a temporary problem or can it be motivated by the size of the information I am sending?

Thank you very much in advance.

Juan Carlos.

You better send an email to regarding this, I am not sure the team will see it here.

All right, thank you. I will do so.

Juan Carlos.

Was this fixed for you?

Yes, it was. I sent an email to Although I have not obtained a response, I suppose they have processed it.

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