Enhancement Request for npx cap add electron

When the command is run, it creates a package.json with hard-coded values for name and description:

$ cat package.json 
  "name": "capacitor-app",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "description": "An Amazing Capacitor App",

And when the packager is run, it generates folders based on the “name” value. Request that arguments be provided to set these values so that they don’t have to be edited by hand (or sed in a Github Action).

So something like:
npx cap add electron -name "myApp" -description "A bit of description"

Thanks for your consideration.

Hey, not a bad idea! Would you be able to open an issue for this? Could be a nice feature if you’re up for making a pull request

I wrote up the issue:

I’ll take a look and see whether I’m up for a pull request.