The command "ionic cap add electron" is not working

I followed the steps from this article, which are

  • npm install -g @ionic/cli
  • ionic start demo --type=react sidemenu
  • ionic serve
    ==> the web page opens successfully as expected
  • ionic build
  • ionic cap add electron

The above command fails, because an electron folder is not created.

The complete output from the above command is as follows

npm.cmd i -E @capacitor/electron@latest
up to date, audited 1344 packages in 6s
169 packages are looking for funding
run npm fund for details
8 moderate severity vulnerabilities
To address all issues (including breaking changes), run:
npm audit fix --force
Run npm audit for details.
capacitor.cmd add electron

I re-ran the above command with --verbose but nothing in there looks suspect.

Ionic deprecated the platform.


Is there a workaround; else what are the steps to create and launch a react electron app using ionic?

maybe if you downgrade the capacitor version to 1 or 2 but then that will cause serious issues and break all other plugins as well.

if your looking for desktop version of the app, they have a windows platform: Windows - Ionic - The Cross-Platform App Development Leader but it seems to be paid. So counter-intuitive… smh…

Ionic has not deprecated the platform. In fact, it was never official, electron has only been maintained by a community member. Not sure where you heard that from but it’s 100% not true. We actually HIRED the community member that maintains the project and we have exciting plans for Electron in the future.

If you run npx cap add @capacitor-community/electron directly does the command still fail?

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