Emulator not showing latest version of app

I Have started work on a very simple app. It runs in the browser using ionic serve.

When I try to run it in the emulator, It shows the same outdated version of the app each time. Even simple text changes do not show up.

I’m running it like this.

ionic cordova emulate ios --target=“iPhone-5s” --livereload

What should I do next?

I deleted the ios folder in platforms, renamed the project in config.xml, re ran

ionic cordova platform add ios

and opened the .xcodeproj in XCODE and set the team.

On running the emulator changes showed up, but on subsequent builds / runs it reverts to an old version of the app.

How do i avoid this and get the latest version running in the emulator?

cmd-shift-k apparently cleans out the cache, but i still get an old version of the app.

On starting the emulator, i get this message: