Embed website


First of all I’m not sure if I should use Ionic V3 ou V4 for my new project.
Could you please advice me ?

The project would be an app that is almost the same as the existing website.
The only thing is that the app will have some features that the website doesn’t have.
I have a few questions about how to do it :

  • I was thinking about embedding the website inside the app. but how will it work exactly ? I mean, my idea was to add new “pages” to the site, but these pages only must appear inside the app. So I was wondering how I could do this…

  • Or maybe in this case embedding the website is not a good idea ? I could then use the website API and recreate real screens for the app ?

I will be waiting for your advice about the best way to do it, and the best ionic version also.
Thanks a lot.

To me your project is very similar to the project I am working in my internship.
I am also working on a mobile app that does the same thing as an existing product on web, but plans to add more features to it.

I can’t say anything for V3 or V4 of ionic because I am not experienced in it.
As I am halfway through my project I would not advice you to embed the exact same website into mobile environment because the styling would be more or less distorted
But the main reason is in mobile app a lot of things work differently than what we usually see on PC, like what I experienced in my internship:
<input type="file" accept=".YourUniqueExtension"> won’t work on mobile
but <input type="file" accept="application/octet-stream"> works (but covers wider range of file type)
eventually I used Cordova plugins for file browser, which are not supported on browser.
I might be wrong thought, that’s just my two cents.

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I will think twice then.

Any other advice ?

I just had another thought about embedding website :
One I tried to do it, it was more or less working fine except the fact that when the user tapped on the return button, he got an empty screen (because it was like hitting the back button of the browser).
Is it still working this way ?
I mean : let’s say the user launches the app : he will see the first page of the website (embeded in the app) but if he then taps the back button, what will happen ? Will it close the app, or will he see the app still open but displaying a blank screen ?

Thanks for your help