Embed my application in a web page for a presentation


I’m looking for for a solution to embed my application in a web page like this: http://ionicframework.com/docs/api/directive/ionCheckbox/

There are existing solutions ? (without using codepen ;))

Thank you

Solution is exactly the same as on the page you linked to.

Just put your app somewhere on the internet. Pretty much any web hosting will do since Angular/Ionic app is basically just couple of HTML and JS files.

Then simply use something like this:

<iframe src="url of your app" width="320" height="568" scrolling="yes" sandbox="allow-scripts allow-popus allow-forms"></iframe>

If you want to be fancy you can position that iframe on top of the iPhone picture to have it look like it’s running on that device.

In fact, I look for other models of phones and tablets.
That is why I ask if there are existing solutions.

Otherwise, no problems with positioning if I have to do it myself.

I probably still don’t know what exactly you mean. Like a service for placing your app inside different phone/tablet models?

I only know of services that do this with screenshots, like https://placeit.net or http://mockuphone.com

I don’t know of anything that can embed your live app. Good idea for new service maybe? :smile:

If you can do the work yourself and you just need some devices there are literally thousands on the internet:

@vnabet As resolved? with iframe? Would have to give me an example?
I want to offer on the website, access to app to display embedded in an android type style.

Thank you for your help.

take a look at this codepen here

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@cyprusglobe Thanks. But this is using codepen… I need similar with “iframe” local. It is possible with the same idea?

its all html, js and css in the background so doing it local would be around the same concept

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hi. I’m looking for this solution too. When you inspect the iframe src of the page that you linked, you can see that its inside a dist/www folder of the web app. and they can update values inside the embed application.