Element hides unwantedly

i have a strange problem , i have some elements with no *ngIf or [hidden] or any model related to
like this one :

<button ion-button icon-only menuToggle fab-right class="dm-nav-btn"> <ion-icon name="person"></ion-icon> </button>

and i get this in my browser :

<span class="button-inner">
 <ion-icon name="person" role="img" class="icon icon-md ion-md-person" aria-label="person" ng-reflect-name="person"></ion-icon>
<div class="button-effect"></div>
 any idea why this is happening?

Perhaps because it’s a menu toggle and you haven’t declared your menu to be persistent?

No it isnt it’s in a <ion-navbar>

Are you sure that matters? Just for fun, what happens if you take the menuToggle attribute off?

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Yes that was the reason .