Edit AndroidManifest.xml through config.xml

Hi everyone,

Here is my problem: my application is getting more and more complex and now, I have to edit some values in the AndroidManifest.xml.
As this file was generated by Ionic CLI, I don’t want to edit it directly since my changes could get overriden by a regeneration of the file by the CLI re-packaging.

I have to add some special stuff for Android but I didn’t find a lot of documentation on the Ionic config.xml file.
I already had the problem in the past, when I wanted to add permissions for the application: I could add it directly in the AndroidManifest, but I didn’t figure out a way to set it in the config.xml. I figured out a workaround, but now I can’t re-use it, so I’m stuck.

The value I want to change is android:windowSoftInputMode. I’d like to set the value I want in the config.xml, since the AndroidManifest.xml could be regenerated anytime, overriding my value.
How/where should I set this value (and others like permissions) so that it keeps getting used in the AndroidManifest.xml?

Thank you by advance :wink:

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