Easiest way to share a piece of data between all of my apps users?

Hello, I am new to ionic and looking for the most simple way to share a set of variables between all the users of my application. I have a “prize pool” that should be shared between every user, and updated when one of these users adds to the pool. Additionally I need to hold users login info somewhere, but I believe there are multiple easy ways to do this like with Ionic Storage.

I have heard firebase might be able to do what I am looking for, but I am hesitant to go ahead with this option. It may be too bloated for my simple scenario?
I have heard something about using PUSH cordova to send information between my apps. And I have seen someone mention webIntent that may be able to do what I am looking for.
The obvious solution is a server with a database, but that may be hard to implement and cost me a good deal of cash in the long run.

I think that in the end, that’s the only solution, unless “all the users” can be strictly limited to “all the users of a particular device”.

Its the only solution? Interesting. Why wouldnt firebase work?

“All the users of a particular device” is without a doubt not ideal, but perhaps an option if it saves me a good deal of time.

Well, I would think of firebase as a special case of the more general “database on a controlled server visible to all devices on the internet”. In any event, in order for users of device A to share data with users of device B, either both devices need to communicate with the same server or you have to basically reinvent BitTorrent.

Ahhhh I see, I see. Thank you for the clarification. I was having a hard time finding much of this info online.

So I guess firebase it is than? It seems like ionic is kinda set up to implement firebase, and the documentation is very plentiful, so I assume it would be considerably easier than doing the whole database and server thing on my own means?

I suppose that depends on how much familiarity you have with server-side stuff. I can’t speak directly to Firebase, having never used it.

Firebase would be grand, and its relativity easy to get up and running. Its authentication service holds login information, and its database is where you’d put your variable.

Ionic storage is stored directly on the phone I believe - that’s not what you’re looking for.

I am tremendously curious about what do you use.

I use Postgres as a database, a variant of an algorithm I originally read about in this blog post that Instagram uses to generate distributed unique ids for things, and Golang to write application servers, including sqlx for talking to the database, gocraft/web for handling much of the REST infrastructure, and dgrijalva/jwt-go for authentication.

Thanks Call! Ill probably just go ahead with firebase than, it seems like a pretty good option and relatively simple. Unless there is something else I am missing.