Service to remote persist data with super simple login?

I have an Ionic app out there that was started with a quite simple feature set:
Enter some data, then it is stored locally on the device with Ionic Storage and can be viewed on the device.

Now there should be some “remote persistence” with “login” in front of it. Think the users taps “Store online”, then has to provide some kind of account (Google account? Apple ID? Facebook? Email + Password?) and the data is uploaded. After that they can install the app on another device and tap “Download data”, login again and have their data.

Of course I could build that webservice myself: simple data store, simple account system - suddenly not so simple any more, especially with the Ops aspect of uptime, backups etc…

Are there any services out there that will let me achieve my goal with 0 backend work and minimal frontend / Ionic integration work? Firebase maybe?

Yes, Firebase would definitely work for what you described.
This blog has some nice tutorials that might help you get started:

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