I want to create an administrator application and a user applciation with the same database

Hey guys, i need to create two applications that are connected to each other. One is mobile and the other one is web only, the idea is that the administrator app can move and manage data that then the users will see in their client app. So they need to share the same database(Firebase)
Is there any way that i can do it on Ionic? and if is there any good guide or blog for it. Thanks

Yes, this can be done.
To create Ionic apps with Firebase as a backend, check out this blog:

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You can actually do this easily, you can choose your choice of database to use. I mostly write my backend using Laravel + API + MysQL

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so do you have to create two different projects, one for each application and then have both connected to the same database with the respective key right?

No, you just have created a column in your database whereby you have a role_type which will be used to check whether a user is a customer or admin and you just create one ionic app and not two