Dynamic cascading select elements

Has anyone made or used something (plugin,directive) that could help me make a dynamic (I don’t know how many select elements I’ll need) product configurator?

I will have an object with a lot of nested settings that I need to output with selectors. Ex, first I pick the product with a select element, then a new select element will appear with that products main settings, then after I’ve picked that I’ll get another select element for some other sub settings.

Problem is I don’t known how deep the nested variants will be… And the main settings can have different sub settings etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Did you ever manage to resolve this? Would appreciate some help with this. Thanks

I ended up making an ng-repeat and then add select-elements as the user picked one. It was quite messy so eventually I remade the data structure to be more flat

well - i played around with this. You can do dynamic selects easily enough like this:


Should be fairly straightforward to sequentially ngShow each input on change of the previous one.