Ion-list with dynamic form rendering

Hello everyone, I’m hoping I can get some help figuring out how to accomplish my goal here.

The high level concept is to follow this article, and similarly what’s presented in this angular guide, to create a dynamic, reactive, model driven list in ionic. A back end would provide a configuration object to the UI, which then uses FormBuilder to create a form, and some custom components to dynamically render a form on the fly.

I’ve managed to get simplified version of this “working” where I have a custom component taking a configuration property as an input, and dynamically rendering another custom component to make an ion-list. This problem I’m having is that the styles aren’t being appropriately applied because the DOM structure isn’t what ionic is expecting (ion-item isn’t an immediate child of ion-list).

I’ve created a little project on StackBlitz here, which demonstrates what I want, and what I’m trying to do. Hopefully someone can offer suggestions or an answer, thanks!