DropDown not working in android 2.3


I am new in ionic and i am spend my lots of time to resolve dropdown issue for android 2.3 for ionic application please some one help me please it affect my work.

Use Ionic popover though it would be better to build own one from scratch.

thanks for reply but i am new in ionic so can you give me the example link for that.

Here you got some popover info:




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Thanks rafael, can i use this popover for dynamic content and get their value on ng-submit ?

Why not. You can put a hidden input to your form with a ng-model assigned and then update it with the value selected from the popover.

Just to note, we don’t support android 2.3

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Thanks for your reply @mhartington but i am unable to use select box i have tried https://github.com/domiSchenk/ionic-Select-Control but still i am unable to bind more than one select box please help me.

On android 2.3 or anything 4.0 and above?

on android 2.3 and above

Well again, we don’t support 2.3, so not everything will work.

Sounds like it could be a case of that plugin not working.
I see you opened an issue for it on their repo.

I have this together, see if this works for android 4.0 and up.