Using ion-select inside Popover Controller not working properly

When using inside Popover Controller Like the following (Im using Ionic 2 latest Beta 2.0.0.-beta.11)

Note — I create a filter page like the following command > ionic g page filter

>  let popover = this.popoverController.create(FilterPage);
>  popover.present();

Inside filterPage.html

> <ion-select [(ngModel)]="month">
>     <ion-option value="01">January</ion-option>
>     <ion-option value="02">February</ion-option>
>   </ion-select>

is showing properly but i can’t choose any value and i can’t press OK or Cancel

Same problem here. Neither interface works, buttons and options don’t work, no events are fired, no console errors.


Looks like it’s fixed for beta12

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