Ionic dropdown style overriden by Android



I am developing app on ionic and I am very happy with ionic,
one major issue I felt on ionic by developing an app for android,
ionic gives styles for dropdown here

After applying this code, dropdown looks beautiful in the browser, but when I run the app on android, android overrides its own style and it looks dirty :rage:.

Looks like this in android:

So, here i want to display actual styles provided by ionic in given link.

Thank You.


I encourage you to use Ionic 2/3 which is very beautiful when it comes with UI. Take a look at their docs


Thanks, @anicacute09,
for that, I have to learn TypeScript, Angular 2 and then Ionic 2 :slight_smile: and it is a long process.

Temporary I need a fix, surely I will learn ionic 2 in some time.


I think it was the default UI for dropdown on mobile devices (android, ios)…