Drag and Drop past the viewable screen - Dragula vs Reorder


I’m using ng2 Dragula to reorder nested lists. The built in ion reorder doesn’t let you do that from what I could tell.

The built in reorder automatically scrolls the screen when you drag below what is shown.

Dragula does not do that but it lets me accomplish part of my goal.

I’m need to do this last example on this Dragula Demo:

Dragula Demo ng2

Any ideas on how I could get the screen to scroll while I’m dragging?


It sounds like InteractJS would help you. It has an autoscroll feature. I’m trying to figure out how to add it to my Ionic2 app.

so far:

typings install interact --global --save

and in your *.ts file:

import * as interact from 'interact.js'

But I’m erroring out after that.

I ended up looking at the source code of the built in ionic reorder feature and modifying it to work for me as a custom provider.

hi @audan2009 could you share your solution? thanks