Reorder ionic columns using drag and drop

I am seeing example of drag drop using ion-list group items, However, my requirement is to be able to do that for ion-col.

in my case i have a ion-grid with one ion-row and all the columns (about 10-12). They get arranged nicely base don screen size as expected.

However, i want end user to let drag drop and reorder the columns.

Please note that my app is for desktop browser. and build using ionic 3 angular


If you search something like reordering icons on a homescreen of Android / iOS, I use

Options from non angular package work :

i have an angular 4 with ionic 3 so i looked at it. The part where i stuck is using the systemjs.config.js

i dont have it so i created one and included i the index.html as a script import. But it i do that then it fails to load saying it cannot find System which is the last line in the script as


please advise

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