Cannot drag item on iPad

I have a sortable list with drag-and-drop functionality. It works perfectly on the web, but when I deploy my app to my iPad, I cannot click and drag because it scrolls the screen instead. Is there anyway around this?

Did you give this a try ?

Ughhhh somehow I missed that. I ended duo using dragula and it worked fine

Never used dragula in ionic app but i think it won’t work out of the box if i were you i would give the itemReorder a try seems a lot more simpler to implement

Big difference between the web (browser) and devices is those 300ms related default actions that devices attempt to perform which is why you can’t get that drag and drop working sometimes. Normally to fix this in a web code you would use event.preventDefault(). In ionic components you need to check how exactly those are implemented and see if you need to add this type of default prevention.