Download app

did you find a solution for this? Im trying to find a way to download my app too!

I would also be interested whether they found a solution to this.

Here is what I did:

I installed the app into my android device… using Ionic View.

Then I backed up my “com.ionic.viewapp” data folder from my computer… something like:

adb backup -noapk com.ionic.viewapp

and used this to convert the “backup.ab” file to a “backup.tar” file:

dd if=backup.ab bs=24 skip=1|openssl zlib -d > backup.tar

after uncompressing the tar file, I opened “apps/com.ionic.viewapp/f/files”, there I found a folder for each app I have downloaded… I opened the one I was looking for, and there you have the “www” folder… (I hope this helps someone else…)