How to download app from

Hello everyone,

I was working on a test project. I have lost the files. Is there anyway that I can download the project from I can only find documentation on how to upload projects.

Thank you for any help

There used to be a button in the dashboard on but there isn’t any more - or I can’t find it.

Fallback: Install the Ionic View app on your phone, install a MITM proxy on your computer (Charles Web Proxy, fiddler, or similar), connect your phone to this proxy, download/install/open the app in Ionic View - now you have the URL of a zip to the current version of your app you can download and use locally. (Only contains the HTML/JS part of your app though, not the list of plugins etc.)

I’m going to try. I wish I could download it easily…

Just found out that the page is still there, just not linked:
Seems to still be working.

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Yeaa. I sent email to the support. They gave me the link. I’m so happy. Thank you for helping.