Double splashscreen iOS 2.3.0

I’m facing the following issue when using @capacitor/ios: 2.3.0 (also previously on 2.2.0 too)

I’ve replace the default capacitor splashscreen with one of my own, however whenever I run my app:

-capacitor’s logo on a white background briefly displays
-my custom splash screen shows
-it hides when the app is fully loaded.

No idea where capacitor’s logo is coming from. I’ve searched all files and it’s not there.

below is part of capacitor.config.json:

"plugins": {
    "SplashScreen": {
      "launchAutoHide": false,
      "splashFullScreen": false

There are a few double splash screen issues… I’m pretty sure the one you are facing is just a caching issue. Try turning the device off and back on again and it should be gone. Classic power cycle, lol.

If that doesn’t sort it out… these are my go to splash screen resources:
Splash screen showing twice - once unscaled, once scaled:

White screen showing after splashscreen: