EDIT: SplashScreen shows twice and only hides after three seconds

When I create an Ionic/Angular/Capacitor Project the Splashcreen shows twice (first time its stretched on my 18:9 screen) and the second time it takes three seconds to disappear no matter what I change in my code. I tried hiding it in the app.ts file of my first page and I also tried changing various config files (for example capacitor.config.json or in the launch_splash.xml) but only the scaleType was changed. Thanks for your help!

Iā€™m not sure what you changed in your capacitor.config.json, but you could try setting the launchShowDuration to something really high like this to stop it from hiding too soon:

"plugins": {
    "SplashScreen": {
      "launchShowDuration": 20000,

and then manually hiding the Splashscreen when your app loads.

const { SplashScreen } = Plugins;
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Check out this video on hiding the Splash Screen manually.

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