Don't reload component into .html

Hi guays,

I have this:

1 - user.ts + user.html
2 - use-edit.ts + user-edit.html

This two pages have one componente: user-common.html with this

 <ion-select   multiple="true" [(ngModel)]="valuesPetList" >
    <ion-option *ngFor="let pet of petOptions" [value]="pet.value">{{}}</ion-option>

When I enter in user-edit

 goEditUser() {

change some values of valuesPetList . And when return to user.ts the component user-common with ur value valuesPetList dont refresh. Any idea? I think that i needed reload the user-common component of user.ts, but i don’t know


both components don’t know each other. You have the possibility to give params to the constuctor, bút typically a construction like parent-page shows edit-page and use edit values in parentpage is made with a modal or similar.

Best regards, anna-liebt

And Can i reload only the specific component from the ppal component? In this case, user-common